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The Czech scientist Jan Purkinje was the first to describe the special cells of the heart: they consist, like myocytes, of actin and myosin, but do not form a clear structure for contraction, they are oversaturated with calcium ions. It turned out that these features make it possible to create electrical impulses or spontaneously excited. This makes them related to neurons. Subsequently, 2 types of cells were identified in the conduction system of Azulfidine: some create electrical impulses; others organize their conduction from the atria to the ventricles. Nutrition is delivered to the cells in 90% of cases by a branch of the right coronary artery, in 10% of cases - from the left circumflex artery of the heart.

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Proper functioning of the cells and channels ensures the uninterrupted flow of impulses from the sinus node to the ventricles and synchronizes the work of all parts of the heart. The reasons for the blockade can be: functional influence of the central nervous system through the vagus nerve (observed in healthy people, athletes); the effect of Sulfasalazine drugs from the foxglove group; inflammatory process in rheumatic attack, myocarditis of various etiologies caused by childhood infections, tonsillitis, influenza; area of ​​necrosis or ischemia in the development of myocardial infarction; focal and diffuse cardiosclerosis; hyperkalemia and acidosis; myocardial dystrophy in the area of ​​the conduction system; consequences of hypertrophic changes in hypertension, myocardiopathies; post-traumatic scars on the heart. Types of atrioventricular blockade.

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Atrioventricular blockade is divided into: incomplete - despite impaired conduction, most impulses, albeit late, reach the ventricles; complete - there is a rupture of the atrioventricular message. short-term and permanent; random and periodic. In addition to these types, blockade is distinguished according to three degrees of severity. They have ECG differences and characterize the depth of the lesion of the pathways. Characteristics of violations in the blockade of the first degree.

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Depending on the density, the knot is formed by three layers of different compactness. And in the longitudinal size, it is functionally divided into two channels: α - slow; β is fast. Atrioventricular blockade of the 1st degree means a slowdown in the time of passage of the impulse from the atria to the ventricles to 0.2 seconds or more (this corresponds to a widening of the PQ interval on the ECG) at a normal rhythm rate.

In cases of proximal blockade, the shape of the ventricular complex does not change.

In the distal variant, the QRS complex is deformed and expanded. Its width is over 0.3 sec. indicates a sign of a combined conduction disorder.
The diagnostic value of the blockade of the 1st degree is most significant in myocarditis. After treatment, she disappears. But it is impossible to make a diagnosis only on the basis of one ECG sign. Clinical symptoms must be taken into account in the first place.